Simpsons Volume 3

(7F24-Disc 1)
Writers: Al Jean & Mike Reiss Director: Rich Moore
Bart puts his lucky red cap in the laundry turning Homer's white shirt pink. When he wears the pink shirt to work, Homer is sent to 0 mental institution where his roommate is a big fat white guy who believes himself to be Michael Jackson. Homer's roommate and Bart collabonate on a song for Lisa's birthday - which she believes to be the best present she ever got. [Aired September 19, 1991] Features the Guest Voice ofJkhn Jay Smith.
Scene Selection:
No. Title No. Title
1 Main Title 4 "Michael Jackson?!"
2 "I'm not popular enough to 5 "Happy Birthday Lisa!"
be different." 6 End Credits
3 "But the kid is not my son…" Total Runtime: 23:01
Writer: Jon Vitti Director: Jim Reardon
At a back yard barbecue, Ned Flanders announces he's opening a new store devoted to merchandise for left-handers. Homer secretly wishes Flanders to fail, and Ned undergoes a series of business reversals leavirmcjthe Flanders family living in a car, with Homer the last hope to save the Leftrcrium. Meanwhile, Bart pretends to be taking Karate lessons, only to be besoten up by bullies. [Aired October 3, 1991]
Scene Selection:
No. Title No. Title
1 Main Title 4 "C'mon, Homer, tell him
2 "Mmmm, Barbeque!" about the store!"
3 "TV gives so much and 5 "What're you gonna do? asks so little." Throw your diapers at us?!"
6 End Credits
Total Runtime: 23:54
Writer: John Swartzwelder Director: Rich Moore
While the rest of his class enjoys the best field trip ever — to a chocolate
factory — Bart becomes a Goodfella under Springfield mob boss Fat Tony.
At first Bart enjoys the perks of the job, but the family is concerned when
they find hijacked cigarettes in Bart's room and an FBI truck outside. Then
Principal Skinner disappears - and Bart is the prime suspect.
[Aired October 10, 1991] Features the Guest Voices of Joe Mantegna,
Phil Hartman, Neil Patrick Harris and Marcia Wallace.
Scene Selection:
No. Title No. Title
1 Main Title 4 "It's witchcraft!"
2 "They didn't eat it, they 5 "You killed me, Bart!" smoked it." 6 End Credits
3 "Eat my shorts is in the 5th race!" Total Runtime: 22:58
(8F04-Disc 1)
Writer: Howard Gewirtz Director: Mark Kirkland
When Homer inadvertently saves the nuclear plant from a meltdown, he wins praise and respect, but feels he owes it all to just plain luck. In the end, even guest star Magic Johnson refers to a lucky break as "pulling a Homer." Meanwhile, Bart realizes he wasn't invited to Milhouse's birthday party because Milhouse's mother doesn't think Bart is a good influence on her son. [Aired October 17,1991] Features the Guest Voices of Jon Lovitz, Earvin Johnson Jr. and Chick Hearn.
Scene Selection:
No. Title No. Title
1 Main Title 4 "Thanks, Magic."
2 "1 thought we were 5 "Looks like 1 pulled
best friends." a Homer!"
3 "It's my problem - 6 End Credits
we're doomed!" Total Runtime: 23:01
Writers: Jay Kogen & Wallace Wolodarsky Directors: Jeffrey Lynch with Brad Bird
At a dinner with the Simpsons, Krusty the Clown reveals he is estranged from his rabbi father. Bart and Lisa explore Jewish traditions and literature to prove to the rabbi that clowning is an honorable profession, and lead Krusty and his father to reconcile on the air. [Aired October 24, 1991] Features the Guest Voice of Jackie Mason.
Scene Selection:
No Title No. Title
1 Main Title 4 "Oy, this guy's tough!"
2 "A Jewish entertainer? 5 "Lenny, a little reconciliation
Get outta here!" music, if you please."
3 "Seltzer's for drinking, 6 End Credits
not for spraying." Total Runtime: 23:00

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